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Welcome to the internet home of mPowermentZone Ministries (mp3, as I like to call it). Here you will find more information about this growing outreach even synchronize your calendar to meet me for corporate empowerment teaching and worship.


There is much to be said for an individual working in ministry today. So much is going on in the world - national unrest, racism, name it. Often it's enough to make a person feel like giving up. mp3 Ministries seeks to restore some kind of order into the lives of both the believer and non-believer.  My motto is: GET EMPOWERED! That's what mp3 Ministries is all about - empowerment.


Browse the site, read the information presented and check out the many ministry opportunities. I invite you to join me on this journey to experience unconditional love in ministry - that flows from heart to heart.





Brother Ricco

Teaching Priest & Overseer