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Richer Life in Christ Bible Discussion Group was conceived on August 8, 2008 by newly ordained Elder R.D. Vance. Its singular purpose is to educate and empower believers in the Holy Scriptures.

Elder Vance holds to the words of our Lord that RLIC is a chosen "Empowerment Zone" - changing the minds of those who have been bound by erroneous traditional teaching.
The teaching series is an ongoing journey through the Bible to bring the believer to a complete understanding of developing a richer life using the Word of God as a guide. Learning to " in the Lord with all [our] heart..." we receive power against every negative force through the agency of the Holy Spirit. The series focusses on every area of daily living to enrich the believer wholly and holistically.RLIC is not only an inreach, but it offers an outreach approach to ministry.

The weekly broadcasts of Sunday School on the Air and the Bible Discussion Group's airings on internet radio outlets as well as "live" conference calls brings the same empowerment to persons who would otherwise not attend a formal church service.
To join us for powerful internet ministry that's sure to put something positive on your mind, check out our Ministry Opportunity page on this site. Also, visit the Networking section to email or leave a voice message for Elder Vance.