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Oh the world is hungry for the living bread

Lift the Saviour up for men to see

Trust Him and do not doubt the Word that He said,

"I'll draw all men unto me"

These lyrics can easily sum up the purpose and mission for His Grace Ministry. This ministry concept was developed initially to reach out to the underchurched and unchurched of the Mid-South. The scope of ministry later expanded beyond one specific region of the United States to evangelize the world for the Kingdom of God.

Now the ministry's focus includes ministry to those in addictive lifestyles desiring to be freed from the bondage of sin. Knowing the Word of God to be true, the grace of God to be so precious and his own life experiences to be a testament of God's salvific power, a young minister set forth to share these points of Light with others. He encountered obstacles to ministering to those bound by sexual perversion - his own testimony being in question. Yet he held to on to two passages of scripture: Revelation 12:11 and 1st Corinthians 6:9-11.

Through the media technology of the worldwide web, His Grace Ministry goes into chatrooms, utilizes internet radio and video as well as blogging sites to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry tells the truth of the Word of God without differentiation, without exception and without "fluff". Our founder, Elder R.D. Vance himself being a product of such teaching, provides the same to all he comes in contact with.

"My life has been one of darkness, deception and disappointment. Trying to find love in all the wrong places, try to find happiness in the sea of confusion. It was because of sin and lack in my life. I have tried to assimilate with both the world and the Church to no avail. But the one thing that I have wanted in my life is freedom from the darkest thing in my life. I have met obstacle after obstacle in sharing my testimony of freedom by those afraid and unbelieving...

"So His Grace Ministry exists to teach the grace of God in our lives. We don't have to live in the negative situations that we live in. If we would just change our thinking, change our attitudes then we can certainly change our lives for the better. And the very thing we need is found in the Word of God."

For more information about this ministry please refer to the Networking section of this site.